Couples Fear Factor II (5)

Jan 31, 2005 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode was part 5 of 7 in a series featuring eight couples competing for various cash and prizes, and a grand prize of 1 Million Dollars. Stunt #1 (Truck jump and helicopter drop) Both members of each couple would be standing on the back of ... (more)a flatbed truck as it drove along a pier. They would have to jump off the truck into the water, swim to separate buoys, and grab trapeze bars hanging from helicopters. The helicopters would lift them out of the water and fly them to another set of buoys. Upon reaching the second set of buoys, they would have to drop back into the water, collect a flag attached to their respective buoys, swim to a platform, and clip the flags on a flagpole. The time would stop once both partners clipped their flag. The couple with the fastest time would win two Sony Sports Network Walkman Players along with $20,000. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #2 (Electric maze) Partners would be handcuffed together and would have to navigate throu

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