Favorite Winners

Sep 06, 2004 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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In this episode, six former winners returned to try and win the $50,000 a second time. Stunt #1 (Semi truck bike plank) Players would start out on top of a semi truck driving down a highway, walk to the middle of a balance beam jutting off the bac... (more)k, release a flag, and return to the starting point. The player would then have to get on a bike and ride it across the beam to the trailer of a second truck. The player to complete this stunt the fastest would $10,000. No one would eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #2 (Tomato horn worm juice) Two at a time, players would have to chew up mouthfuls of tomato horn worms and spit the juice into graduated cylinders. Once the cylinders were filled to a predetermined point, the players would have to drink the juice. This would be a head-to-head race. The winner of each race would advance to the next round and the loser would be eliminated. Stunt #3 (See-saw beam) Players would have to cross from one platform to the other over 100 feet in t

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