Underwater Tumbler; Bug Body Bag; Dual Heli Wall

May 10, 2004 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This was an all-female episode. Stunt #1: Underwater Tumbler The ladies would be locked inside a tumbler which would be lowered underwater. They would have to swim to the other end of the tumbler, unlatch 10 latches, slide a door open, and swim t... (more)o a buoy. The four ladies to reach the buoy the fastest would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Bug Body Bag The ladies would be chained up in a body bag full of crickets, red worms, super worms, stink beetles, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. They would be shut inside a pitch black morgue drawer. They would have to find out which of three keys unlocked the padlock to their chains, unzip the bag, and push themselves out of the drawer. The three ladies to complete this stunt the fastest would advance to the finals. The slowest contestant would be eliminated. Stunt #3: Dual Heli Wall The ladies would be lifted off a dock and would have the crawl across a horizontal rope hanging underneath a helic

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May 03, 2004

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