Extreme Building Plunge; Bug Windshield; Rotating Beam to Platform

Mar 22, 2004 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt #1: Extreme Building Plunge Contestants would be harnessed and dropped down the face of a 65-story building. As they plunged toward the ground, contestants would have to grab flags sticking out from the side of the building. The two men and... (more) the two women to collect the most flags would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Bug Windshield Contestants would have to jump up onto a junkyard car's hood and use their mouths to remove globs of red worms, super worms, crickets, grasshoppers, and stink beetles splattered on the windshield. They would then have to run over to a scale and spit the bugs on to the scale. The three contestants to transfer the most weight in bugs in two minutes would advance to the final round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #3: Rotating Beam to Platform Contestants would start out over a harbor on a rotating balance beam surrounded by a square frame with a platform on each side. There were two flags on the each

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