Couples Fear Factor (7)

Feb 16, 2004 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This was the final episode in a 7-part series featuring nine couples competing for various cash and prizes, and a grand prize of 1 Million Dollars. Stunt #1 (Blind driver) Couples would have to drive a car up a ramp and on to the bed of a moving f... (more)latbed semi. The driver of the car would be blindfolded, and their partner would be in the passenger seat giving directions. The couple that could get their car onto the truck bed the fastest would win an STA travel experience to Russia where they would fly in a Mig-21 jet. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #2 (Save Your Partner in Tarantulas) The women would be lying in a Plexiglas coffin covered with over 500 tarantulas and crickets. The men would have to suck up blended crickets from a bowl and spit them into a tube to make a key float to the top. Once they got the key, they would have unlock a hacksaw and saw through a metal bar to open the spider coffin. Once they got the coffin open, they would have to release a mark

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