Couples Fear Factor (1)

Jan 12, 2004 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode was part 1 of 7 in a series featuring nine couples competing for various cash and prizes, and a grand prize of 1 Million Dollars. Stunt #1 (Dune buggy drag) Going three couples at a time, the men would be bound by their ankles and dra... (more)gged behind dune buggies as they raced down the beach and across a finish line. As the men were dragged through the sand, they would be holding on to a rope and the women would be holding on to the other end. The couple to get the shortest distance before someone let go of the rope would be eliminated. Stunt #2 (Bury Spouses Head in Worms) Going two couples at a time, one person would have their head inside a Plexiglas box with a narrow tube to breathe through. The other person would have to collect mouthfuls of worms and spit them into the box, burying their partner's head. The couple to complete this stunt the fastest would win a 22-day STA travel experience to Africa. No one would be eliminated in this stunt. Stunt #3 (Kayak pull)

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