Championship, Part II

May 05, 2003 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This semi-final round featured the other twelve of this season's 24 winners. The two contestants remaining at the end of this episode would win a new 2004 Mazda RX-8 and advance to the final episode where they would compete with the two winners of t... (more)he previous semi-final episode for the title of Fear Factor Grand Champion and $100,000. Stunt #1 (Double helicopter drop) Going two at a time, contestants would be hanging by trapeze bars under a helicopter. As the helicopter flew over a group of 12 buoys, they would have to drop into the water and search under the buoys for flags. There was one yellow flag and one orange flag hidden among the buoys. When a contestant found a flag, they would have to swim to the matching color-coded platform and post the flag. The winner of each race would advance to the next round and the loser would be eliminated. Stunt #2-Men (Pot Luck Dinner) The men would be eating at a Fear Factor buffet. There was a table with 13 holes; each hole contained

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