Dog Attack; Gas Chamber; Car Carrier Drive-Thru

Nov 18, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt #1: Dog Attack Contestants would have to make their way through an urban assault training building and press buttons to raise flags. Along the way, they would have to get past 4 trained attack dogs. The two men and the two women to raise th... (more)e 6 flags and get out the fastest would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Gas Chamber Contestants would have to stay inside a room full of c.s. gas (tear gas). The three contestants to stay in the room the longest would advance to the finals. Stunt #3: Car Carrier Drive-Thru Contestants would start out driving a car next to a moving car carrier going 40 miles per hour. When a horn sounded, they would have to drive their car up a ramp and into the back of the car carrier. The contestant to do this the fastest would be the Fear Factor Champion.

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