Swim with Gators; Buffet; Tanker Truck (Championship Edition - Part 2)

May 20, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This was the 90-minute finale of a two-part Championship edition. The remaining nine players will battle it out in the final stunts and compete for a grand prize of $100,000. Stunt 2 (Women): Swim with Gators Inside a giant-sized fish tank, sever... (more)al alligators dropped into the water. The gators had razor-sharp teeth and lethal claws. The women would have to slide carefully into the tank and retrieve three poles from the bottom. One at a time they would have to place the poles on a rack alongside the tank. The two women that completed the stunt the fastest would move on to the final round. Stunt 2 (Men): Buffet Each player would lie down on the Wheel of Fear - a spinning contraption bordered by three colors: red, black and yellow. Whatever color the player's arrow lands on would determine which table of "food" they have to run and eat from. On the Yellow Table: pig rectum, night crawlers and habanero peppers. On the Black Table: fermented squid guts, cow brains and Madagascar hissing

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