Sky Surfing; Fear Factor Billards; Container Jump (Twins Edition)

Apr 29, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt 1: Sky Surfing The first stunt reqiured the twins to work as teams. The siblings would stand on a platform suspended 100-feet above the crashing sea below. As the platform teeter-tottered up and down, the twins had to gather as many flags as ... (more)possible from the surrounding edges of the platform. Balance, timing and teamwork were crucial as one team would definitely be eliminated due to either lowest time or least number of flags. Stunt 2: Fear Factor Billards Instead of working as teams, the twins were playing against each other as individuals. Standing in front a billards table, four pool balls rested on the green felt, each with a different symbol: an egg, an ant, a squid and a chilli pepper. Each symbol represented an item players would have to eat. Players would get five shots (including the "break") to sink the four balls. Whichever balls remained would determine what the players ate. Stunt 3: Container Jump Players found a shipyard facing four, 9,000-pound cargo contain

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