Public Nudity; Eat Roaches; Chain Submerge

Apr 15, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt 1: Public Nudity Contestants would be required to strip down to their birthday suits, parade along the runway for one minute, then stand with their hands on their hips for two minutes at the end of the runway atop a turning pedestal. Stunt 2... (more): Eat Roaches Fear Factor shuffleboard was on the agenda as players would have one chance to push the shuffleboard disk into the scoring area. Whatever number the disk landed on (ranging 0 to 5) would be the number of live, Madagascar hissing cockroaches they would have to eat. They also recieved a warring: the roaches' hard shells and spiny legs could damage the players' windpipes, so chewing was the key. They will have one minute per roach to complete the stunt. Stunt 3: Chain Submerge A twelve-foot deep tank filled with 300,000 gallons of icy water was their site final stunt. They will have to climb atop a fifty-pound cement block, where their legs would be shackled together. Hanging off the side of the block was the key to unlock the

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