Helicopter Climb; Blender of Fear; Pole Hopper (WWF Edition)

Feb 25, 2002 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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Stunt 1: Helicopter Climb Each player would hang from the bottom rung of that ladder and as the helicopter spun above the cold Pacific Ocean, they would have to climb up and into the "bird". The four players with the best times would advance. Stunt ... (more)2: Blender of Fear A simple game of craps was the key of this stunt. Each player would roll three dices, which were labeled with ingredients to be included in a FEAR FACTOR protein shake. Using a base mixture of pig brains, additional ingredients including pig intestine, durian (a pungent fruit), animal fat, rooster testes, cow eyes, veal brain, spleen, cod liver oil, bile and fish sauce. Stunt 3: Pole Hopper Players faced six telephone poles positioned in a line by height. Attached to the shortest pole (which still towered into the sky) were three flags. The object was to move the flags, one at a time, from the shortest pole to the longest pole. The person with the best time win. If a player fell while stepping from pole to pole, they could

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