Bus Surfing; Torture Cell; Swinging Circle (Celebrity Edition)

Nov 27, 2001 on NBC at 10:00 PM

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This episode featured six celebrity contestants competing for charity. The winner would receive $50,000 for their charity, and the others would receive $25,000 for their charities. Stunt #1: Bus Surfing As a double-decker bus swerved through a de... (more)serted city street, contestants would have to maneuver around atop the bus and collect flags from the edges of the roof. Flags that contestants grabbed while on their knees would not count. The two men and the two women to collect the most flags would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. Stunt #2: Torture Cell Contestants would have to stick their heads in a Plexiglas box with hundreds of super worms, 40 millipedes, and 20 emperor scorpions. Everyone who stayed in the box for three minutes would advance to the finals. Stunt #3: Swinging Circle Contestants would have to walk the circumference of a tilted circular balance beam hanging over 100 feet above the ground. The contestant get around the circle fastest would

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