The Austerity Games

Jun 02, 2013 on HBO at 10:30 PM

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Bea and Monk audition to perform at a children’s birthday, while Tom starts digging deeper into the life of his grandfather William, who he suspects might have competed in the 1948 London “Austerity Games,” a far cry from those of 2012. After learnin... (more)g more about the games from Mr. Pfister, Tom visits his great-aunt Victoria’s friend Mildred, who is able to shed some light on William’s former athletic prowess, and on why Victoria left Tom the chest of family curios. With Keith’s help, Tom and Pete visit the gym where Tom’s grandfather William trained for the Games, and meet some old-timers who actually knew him. While at the gym, Pete bravely accepts a challenge from a much younger timer. Bea and Monk perform their first professional gig at a wedding reception.

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