Oct 06, 2012 on TV Tokyo at 7:00 AM

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The Legion Corps are ordered by Zentopia's archbishop to retrieve the missing pieces of the Infinity Clock and seal them again. Before leaving on their new mission, they visit Fairy Tail and make amends with the guild for attacking them. Natsu and hi... (more)s friends later learn that Fairy Tail has lost their title as the strongest guild in Fiore to Sabertooth, which rose to power over the seven years they were frozen in time. Two of the strongest wizards in the guild include a pair of Dragon Slayers named Sting and Rogue, who are obsessed with fighting Natsu and Gajeel, respectively. Meanwhile, Makarov brings Gildarts to their abandoned guildhall and shows him Lumen Histoire, a light that Makarov says is Fairy Tail's greatest secret. Makarov then tells Gildarts that he has been chosen to become the next master of Fairy Tail.

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