The Price of Salvation

May 18, 2011 on SBS (AU) at 8:30 PM


Mere Hahunga has problems with her youngest son, Sam, and enlists Detective Koa’s help. Sam, is going off the rails. Mere pleads with Koa to save him. But can he stop a youth determined to be self-destructive? Sam is involved with Ned Reweti, a... (more) Maori gangster. When Koa realises Sam is involved in a violent robbery where a security guard is bashed, Koa knows it may not be possible to honour his promise to Mere. Koa is treading a fine line between his obligations as a cop and his obligations to his community. He attempts to steer Sam into safety by getting him to help with the investigation. Sam refuses to dog on Reweti, and Koa finds evidence another way. Reweti believes it was Sam who rolled on him and exacts revenge in mistaken retribution. Koa has managed to keep his promise to Mere. He saves Sam, but at what price? Detective Zane Malik is focussed on getting the armed robbery gang. But they prove elusive and strategic. His frustration mounts when Kimberly, the insider, is killed in a cruel execution. Were they worried she talked to the police? Malik is determined to shut down this ruthless gang. He confronts Hunter with the details of Kimberley’s death in order to try and get him to roll on the gang. Hunter knows the truth. But he’s not sharing.

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May 11, 2011

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