Hug Me, Brother (Pilot)

Jan 11, 2004 on Nickelodeon at 12:00 AM


Drake and Josh both find out that Drake's Mom, and Josh's Dad, get married to each other unexpectedly. Drake finds it completely wrong. And Josh on the other hand is really excited. Right as Drake things his life is miserable, things get better. He d... (more)iscovers that Josh is actually Miss Nancy, a person who gives advice in the school newspaper. After reading one of Josh's Miss Nancy letters, Drake discovers that Tiffany (the girl he likes) is having trouble with her boyfriend. Drake uses this advantage to go on a date with her. But Tiffany's real boyfriend gets things confused, and thinks Josh is dating Tiffany! Now Josh must study to be excellent at karate before Tiffany's boyfriend scars him for life.

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Dune Buggy
Season 1 Episode 2

Jan 18, 2004

Guest stars

Julie Gonzalo, Toshi Toda