The End of Commander Red

Jun 24, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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The warfare against Goku continues for the RR Army. Then the soldiers flee in terror except for Colonel Violet who is heading for Red's treasure vault. Violet swipes all the money and valuables and makes her leave. Red gets frustrated and angry and l... (more)eaves Black to face Goku as he retreats to his penthouse. As Goku beats Black, Red activates the ceiling to crush Goku. Having been betrayed and risking his life, Black kills Red. Goku emerges from the wreckage and Black tries to talk his way out, but Goku won't fall for his lies. As a last resort Black uses a mech robot machine to take out Goku. Meanwhile Yamcha and Violet are both trying to evade each other. General Black beats Goku plenty and is preparing to fire a lethal weapon on him.

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Jun 17, 1987

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