A Real Bind

Jun 17, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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While Yamcha and the others are flying after Goku, they decide to find Krillin. They find Krillin swimming but he flees before he realises they're here to pick him up. Goku beats a scout of the sky and his cover is blown. Goku gets past the defenses ... (more)and penetrates the base perimeter. All at once he has the entire army on top of him. Yamcha flies the plane into the RR sector barely escaping a heat seeker missile. Colonel Violet is grabbing every scrap of money she can get. Goku infiltrates Red's command building as Commander Red retreats to his office with General Black.

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Confront the Red Ribbon Army
Season 3 Episode 37

Jun 10, 1987

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The End of Commander Red
Season 3 Episode 39

Jun 24, 1987