The Return of Goku

May 20, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Tao arrives and bullies Upa. Goku arrives to save him and rounds on Tao. After a small talk, Goku demonstrates his speed and strength on Tao. Tao also happens to know the legend of Korin's tower and the sacred water. Goku blocks most attacks from Tao... (more) to Upa's surprise. Meanwhile Bulma is working on a new scout plane to assist Goku. Goku beats Tao a lot. Tao's Dodon Wave only singes Goku's hands. Tao resorts to wielding a sword on Goku, but Upa fetches Goku his power pole and Goku breaks Tao's sword. Tao kicks a stone, missing Upa and destroying the teepee. Tao decides to climb the tower to get the sacred water.

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Sacred Water
Season 3 Episode 34

May 13, 1987

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Season 3 Episode 36

May 27, 1987