Tao Attacks!

Apr 29, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Goku fights Tao. Despite his best attacks, Goku takes a severe beating from Tao. A Kamehameha Wave has no effect on Tao, but it sears his outfit. Angered, Tao fires a lethal beam (Dodon Wave) from his finger on Goku. Tao takes the dragonballs and tau... (more)nts Upa before making his leave. Tao heads to a town to get a new outfit,while Red tells him that he is one dragonball short. Upa has buried his father and is about to bury Goku when an RR pilot lands. As the pilot tries to take the dragonball Goku kept, Goku beats him and blasts his jet. Apparently Goku's grandfather's dragonball blocked the Dodon Wave. Not knowing what to do next, Upa suggests that Goku tries to climb the Korin Tower. Goku makes a good start, while Tao waits for his outfit to be tailored to Red's frustration. The tower is indeed a lot higher than Goku thought and he nearly falls off but continues his long journey without giving up.

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Apr 22, 1987

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