The Land of Korin

Apr 15, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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In the Land of Korin, Captain Yellow is looking for another dragonball. They find the ball in the crater of a volcano. Near a massive tower that reaches the sky Bora and his son Upa are fishing. As Captain Yellow's men retrieve the dragonball, the vo... (more)lcano erupts. Bora gets hold of the dragonball. As Yellow and his men land, Bora demands they leave. When they see him carrying the dragonball they attack him but Bora resists. Bora kills a grenadier who comes from behind him and beats down Yellow's men. Yellow kidnaps Upa to blackmail Bora. Goku arrives in time to defeat Yellow and save Upa (who is able to ride the Nimbus). The dragonball Bora has is the very one Goku was looking for. Meanwhile the guards of the RR base hardly recognize General Blue on his arrival. Commander Red has summoned the infamous Mercenary Tao.

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Apr 08, 1987

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Apr 22, 1987