Cruel General Red

Oct 15, 1986 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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While the Red Ribbon Army is searching the river for the five-star ball, Goku follows the dragon radar downstream and finds it. Before he can escape, Colonel Silver destroys the flying Nimbus. Angry, Goku easily defeats him. He finds some dyno caps i... (more)n a nearby building and throws them. One is a robot, and the other is a plane. The robot flies the plane for Goku as he follows the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Goku instructs the robot to land the plane, but the robot's circuits freeze up in the extreme cold, so the plane crashes. Goku, frozen solid, is dragged away by a mysterious young girl.

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The Legend of a Dragon
Season 3 Episode 5

Oct 08, 1986

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Season 3 Episode 7

Oct 22, 1986