Wedding Plans

Sep 24, 1986 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Emperor Pilaf gives Goku the fake four-star ball, but Goku accidentally breaks it. The bird that had the six-star ball got eaten by a larger bird, and that bird got captured by the Ox King. Chi Chi thinks Goku is coming, and since she wants to marry ... (more)him, the Ox King roasts the bird for a wedding feast. Emperor Pilaf's radar picks up the signal coming from Ox King's village, so Shu dresses up like Goku to get close enough to steal the ball. Goku follows his radar's signal and finds Chi Chi in a field picking flowers for the wedding. Back at the feast, suddenly the mysterious military force, the Red Ribbon Army, attacks the village, having followed the six-star ball's signal as well. Ox King tries to fight back, but gets captured. Pilaf snatches the Dragon Ball from inside the bird and takes off in his ship. Goku and Chi Chi notice smoke coming from the village, so they go to check it out.

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Season 3 Episode 2

Sep 17, 1986

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Oct 01, 1986