The Nightmare Returns, The Immortal Monster, Majin Buu

Sep 14, 2014 on Fuji TV at 12:00 PM


As Bulma and the others from the stadium follow Videl's directions in pursuit of Goten and Trunks, they are hit by the shockwave from Vegeta's attack and almost crash, but are saved by #18. Piccolo leaves Goten and Trunks with Krillin, telling him to... (more) inform the others that Vegeta and possibly Gohan have been killed, before he investigates the site of Vegeta's sacrificial attack, finding various charred fragments of Buu, along with Babidi, who narrowly survived the explosion. However, Piccolo is shocked to witness Buu's fragments suddenly come to life and reassemble to bring Buu back to his normal form. As Buu uses his power to heal Babidi, who vows to make the planet suffer, Piccolo decides to take Goten and Trunks up to Kami's tower. Elsewhere, Goku regains conciousness and tries to determine the situation, while a weakened Supreme Kai searches for Gohan, whose fate is still unknown.

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Secret Plan to Defeat Buu, Its Name is Fusion
Season 2 Episode 24

Sep 21, 2014