What's Wrong, Piccolo!! An Unexpected Conclusion to the First Round

May 18, 2014 on Fuji TV at 12:00 PM


As the drawings come to a close, Piccolo is put up against Shin while #18 is up against Satan. After Krillin wins his first match against his opponent, Piccolo and Shin face against each other, but as Piccolo senses an overwhelming power coming from ... (more)Shin, he decides to forfeit the match before it even begins, feeling Shin's power is far beyond his own. As Videl prepares to go up against a man named Spopovitch, Piccolo learns from Kibito that Shin is actually the Supreme Kai, believed to be even more powerful than the Grand Kai. Videl appears to get the upper hand in her match, but Spopovitch keeps getting up no matter how many times he is knocked down and eventually fights back. Goku suspects something amiss about Spopovitch, which proves true when he continues fighting even after Videl breaks his neck. Videl attempts to use her flight to regain her strength, but Spopovitch follows her into the air and uses energy blasts against her. As Videl refuses to give up despite the beating she is taking, Goku wonders where Spopovitch got his power from.

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