50+ Fears and No Life

Feb 01, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Cassie says 13 months ago, her life began to completely spiral out of control. She says she’s in constant fear that something may cause her to have a heart attack, anaphylactic shock, or that she will be poisoned to death by something she eats or dri... (more)nks! She says she has over 50 fears and obsessions, and her list is constantly growing. Cassie says her fears include red stop lights, choking, lotions, salt on French fries, caffeine, makeup, and so much more. Cassie says she spends most of her restless nights researching her ailments on the internet, and search engines have become her “best friend.” Cassie says she’s convinced she has some underlying heart issue, OCD, and possibly some type of cancer that they have yet to diagnose. Cassie’s fiancé, Joe, says her issues have had a definite impact on their relationship and says he fears he may be enabling her. Is Cassie suffering from a life-threatening illness, or is it possibly something much deeper?

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