Help! I’ve Lost Control of My 16-Year-Old Daughter Who Spent 38 Days in Juvenile Hall

Jan 28, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Kim claims her daughter, Kimberly, has threatened her life, physically attacked her, been handcuffed by police, dropped out of high school, run away multiple times, stolen and crashed her truck, and spent 38 days in juvenile hall. She also claims the... (more) 16-year-old does ecstasy, cocaine, and meth, talks to older men online, tried to burn down the house, and even wrote in her journal a plan to shoot her mother and stepdad in their sleep. Kimberly says she hates her mother and wants her dead because she’d be better off without her. Kimberly’s mother, father, sister, and family friend come together to see what Dr. Phil can do to help stop Kimberly’s rebellious behavior before she ends up dead or in prison. Former medical director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services Dr. Charles Sophy joins the discussion.

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