My Hoarder Father Refuses to Clean Out Our Junk Filled, Bug Infested Home!

Jan 18, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Laurie says her dad, John, is in “total denial” about being an absolutely terrible hoarder. She says every room in the house is piled to the ceiling with “junk,” including the garage, where she claims she once found a “mummified kitten!” To top it of... (more)f, Laurie claims the downstairs has a horrible bed bug infestation! John says his daughter is just as big of a mess as he is, has destroyed her room, and absolutely refuses to help him clear out the mess. But the junk-filled house is only the surface level of the toxicity in this home. Laurie’s ex-fiancé, Billy, also lives in the house! Laurie claims Billy is constantly getting “blackout drunk” and getting in fights with her and her father. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of the dysfunction in this home and start to clean up this mess? Find out!

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