Help! My Handicapped Husband Treats Me Like a Slave

Nov 12, 2020 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Natalie says her husband, Brian, was in a tragic work accident in 2015 when he fell from a 68-foot crane. She says he was paralyzed from the knees down and claims he has stopped trying to live life. Natalie claims that since the accident, Brian has t... (more)reated her and their 13-year old son, Jacob, like his slaves instead of his family. Natalie says her marriage with Brian has changed, and they don’t know how to communicate with one another. Brian says his family doesn’t understand what he is going through and that he is in too much pain to move. Brian also says Natalie’s parents, Sharyn and Dave, are too involved in his family’s lives, which is causing tension. Sharyn and Dave say they were trying to help their daughter since Natalie took on all of the responsibilities in her household.

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