An Anxious Daughter, an Animal Rescue and a Surprising Reunion

Oct 28, 2020 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Dr. Phil visits two animal rescues in Austin, TX where his upcoming series, That Animal Rescue Show, which premieres on October 29, was filmed. Dr. Phil has linked up with Golden Globe winner and five-time Academy Award nominee Richard Linklater and ... (more)the folks at CBS All Access to create this powerful docuseries which showcases how animals and humans learn to heal from each other. But first, meet 19-year-old Dy’mond who appears to have it all – she goes to college while being a successful social media influencer. Dy’mond’s father and manager, Danny, has guided Dy’mond’s career since she was 14, but now worries Dy’mond may be burned out and needs to unplug. Dr. Phil and Coach Mike Bayer discuss effective strategies for improving Dy’mond’s mental health. Then, Dr. Phil introduces Danny and Dy’mond to Jamie and David, the founders and owners of Safe in Austin, an animal rescue where handicapped animals meet young people with special needs. Dr. Phil offers an opportunity for Dy’mond to take a step back from her hectic life and spend time on their farm. Dr. Phil also visits Austin Farm Sanctuary and reunites Wanda, who was once homeless, with her three cows who she raised as her own “babies” but had to give away so they could have better lives. Finally, Dr. Phil talks about the importance of adopting rescue animals versus shopping for pets with Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley and Madeline Bernstein, President of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles.