Burning Questions: From A to Gen Z

Sep 30, 2020 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


“Gen Zers,” born roughly between 1997 – 2012, are the first truly digital generation, growing up using social media, technology and smartphones – as well as the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in American History! During their lifetime... (more), Gen Zers have been inundated by tragedies in the news and are now living in the middle of a pandemic, worried about online schooling, job freezes, and the rumored threat of a global recession. While Gen Zers are reportedly less hopeful about their economic future than ever before, they still believe they can make an impact through activism. Dr. Phil meets Gen Zers making a difference, who ask him their “burning questions” and for advice on how to tackle 2020. Plus, Dr. Phil makes one of his guest’s lifelong dreams come true – an emotional surprise you won’t want to miss!

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