Belligerent and Blacked Out But Not a Drop to Drink

Mar 17, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Stephanie says she and her partner of 15 years, Hal, are living a perpetual nightmare due to Hal being diagnosed with a rare condition where his body makes him legally intoxicated without actually drinking alcohol. Stephanie says Hal has been diagnos... (more)ed with auto-brewery syndrome, and there is no clear cure in sight. Hal says he lives his life by the breathalyzer – one moment he can be stone-cold sober, and within an hour, he can be belligerently “drunk,” stumbling, and very combative. This rare syndrome also affects Ray and his wife and caretaker, Sierra, and they both say this condition has taken a huge toll on their relationship. Hal, Stephanie, Sierra, and Ray all say they’re desperate for a cure.

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