Dr. Phil Down Under: “Poisoned in Our Own Home?”

Feb 26, 2021 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Did you know Dr. Phil is the #1 daytime talk show in Australia – and currently airs in 55 countries and territories? Today, sisters Amy and Emily, from New South Wales, Australia, say that even though Dr. Phil is over 7,000 miles away – and on a diff... (more)erent continent – he is the only person who can help their situation! Amy and Emily say their mom, Marie, and stepdad, Gordon, are taking extreme measures to combat alleged poisoning by a neighbor – including daily diary entries, surveillance cameras, and even sleeping outside. Marie says since 2017, her life has turned upside down – she claims her house is engulfed with toxic fumes and is completely unlivable. The worst part of all? Her daughters don’t believe her. What is the source behind the alleged toxic conditions inside Marie’s house? And, why are Dr. Phil and Robin inside a tent? Find out on a Dr. Phil first – when Dr. Phil takes a virtual trip down under!

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