Battle of the Exes

Dec 03, 2019 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Mike and his fiancé, Julia, claim that ever since their engagement, Mike’s ex-wife, Christy, has become “crazy with jealousy” and has been stalking and harassing them. They claim Christy has sent the police to their house over 20 times for no reason ... (more)and even sent them to Mike and Christy’s son’s football practice! Christy denies their allegations and claims, instead, that her ex-husband is an irresponsible, overbearing, narcissist, who is poisoning their son against her. She says she couldn’t care less about Mike and his new “90-day fiancé,” Julia. Christy says she’s not stalking or harassing them, and has only used the police to ensure she receives her court-ordered weekends with her son. Can Dr. Phil help these battling exes come to a truce? Find out!

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