An Intense Intervention: “I’m Addicted to Pain Pills, But Not an Addict”

Nov 08, 2019 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Nate says he always knew his mom was a bit “off,” but was completely shocked after returning home four years ago to find his 52-year-old mother, Helen, looking like a frail old woman due to an opioid addiction. Nate says he believes his siblings, Dem... (more)etria and Alex, could be more aggressive in helping their mother get clean. He also points a finger at his Aunt Joni, who he believes is enabling their mother’s addiction. Helen told Dr. Phil producers she wants to get help for her “medical issues” but is not drug-addicted. The siblings all agree on one thing: they didn't have a solid foundation growing up and are now having a difficult time agreeing on how to support their mother, who they all desperately want to save.

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