“We Gave Our 31-Year-Old Daughter a Curfew and Tracked Her on GPS … But She’s Still a Liar and a Drunk”

Sep 06, 2019 on Syndicated at 3:00 PM


Twelve years ago, Sara says she gave birth to a baby girl and then, two years later, had a baby boy. After saying she did not connect with her son, Sara eventually gave him to his father to raise. Then, when she says she found herself too “stressed o... (more)ut to raise her daughter,” she gave her to her parents, Tracy and Bret. Now, Tracy and Bret say they wonder how their daughter could have just given up on motherhood. Tracy, Bret and Sara’s older sister, Heather, say now that Sara is childless, she still struggles with life and spends her time partying, to such an extreme that she acts like something out of “Girls Gone Wild.”

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