Wild Behavior Caught on Camera

Jan 12, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


From fist fights gone viral to the so-called “fire challenge,” Dr. Phil looks at the troubling trend of wild behaviors being videotaped and posted online for the world to see. First, hear from 27-year-old Catherine, who says she was attacked by a for... (more)mer co-worker while bystanders watched and recorded — but did nothing to help. Then, Emily, 15, became an Internet sensation after she was recorded throwing a shovel at another girl during a fight. Hear why she says all the attention has changed her life. And, meet the classmate who was behind the camera — why didn’t he stop recording and step in? Then, Dr. Phil talks to a young man who lit himself on fire in hopes of gaining video views — hear his strong warning for others. Plus, Lisa and Tom say their 15-year-old daughter, Katie, is a violent “mean girl,” and they fear she’ll end up in a fight video — or worse. What’s at the root of her behavior? Dr. Phil has a special challenge for Katie and six other teens who say they have experiences with bullying. Tune in to see this social experiment!

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