“Dr. Phil, Save My Family”

Jan 08, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Allen and Cheryl say their 9-year-old son, Steve, is terrorizing their family. They say he has threatened to harm his siblings multiple times, tells his teachers that he wants to blow up his family’s home and shows no empathy for others or remorse fo... (more)r his bad behavior. They say Steve has been diagnosed with 18 mental illnesses and has been placed in three mental hospitals in the last year alone, but nothing seems to help for long. The parents turn to Dr. Phil for answers. What’s at the root of Steve’s bad behavior? Cheryl’s mother and two sisters say they believe the boy is overmedicated and under-parented -- and they say Cheryl’s blog about her parenting challenges is also a cause for concern. How does Cheryl respond? Then, Dr. Phil sits down with Steve for a one-on-one conversation. Does he see room for change? And, world-renowned child clinical psychologist Dr. Alan Kazdin shares a suggested plan for changing behavior in the child -- and the parents. How can Allen and Cheryl regain a peaceful, healthy family?