“My Husband Used to Abuse Me, So Now I'm Abusing Him”

Dec 05, 2014 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Teresa says her husband of 12 years, Joe, cheated on her and was abusive with her until 2011, when he was arrested for domestic violence and got help with his anger. Now, Teresa says that even though Joe hasn't abused her in three years, she is fille... (more)d with rage and directs her anger at Joe — hitting him, throwing things and screaming at him — often in front of their three children. How can she rein in her anger and learn to trust her husband again? Joe admits he was abusive in the past but says he has done everything in his power to change and make amends. He says he wants to save their marriage, but Teresa can’t get over his past. Can Joe convince Teresa he is a changed man? Then, Karen says her friend, Kime, deserves to be recognized for being a fabulous friend, wife and mother. She says Kime takes care of herself, as well as others, and is a wonderful role model to her four daughters. Find out the heroic act she made on behalf of a stranger! And, don’t miss Robin McGraw’s special surprise for Kime!