Should They Kick Him Out?

Oct 17, 2014 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


David and Lori say they are fed up with their 26-year-old son, Christopher, who they say was once a model child but is now lazy, unmotivated and still living at home on their dime. The parents say Christopher is a total slob who can’t hold a steady j... (more)ob, drinks and smokes pot and doesn’t even take the proper steps to manage his diabetes. Christopher says he gets annoyed at his parents constantly telling him what to do and would like to be living on his own, but his part-time, minimum-wage job doesn’t cut it. So, why isn’t he looking for additional work? Dr. Phil delivers a dose of reality — especially to Christopher’s parents, who admit they make life quite comfortable for their son. Are they helping him or contributing to his failure to launch? And, how can Christopher get his life back on track?

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