Lies, Lust and a Missing Million? My Ex Needs to Confess

Sep 09, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Leslie says she believes that when she and her husband of 22 years, Nelson, divorced four years ago, he hid a large sum of money. She claims that this was a deliberate attempt to leave her destitute and “living under a bridge.” She claims Nelson was ... (more)abusive and controlling throughout their marriage and calls him a “lying, conniving sociopath.” Nelson admits he and Leslie fought often — including some pushing and shoving — but he insists Leslie was the instigator, and he was just defending himself. Nelson denies misrepresenting his finances and says Leslie wants to be taken care of forever, rather than get a job. Dr. Phil intervenes in this war of the exes — which even has their two adult children taking sides! Can these exes put an end to the animosity and move forward?

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