“I Married My Sister's Boyfriend, And It's Time She Moves On”

Jul 15, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Amber admits she made a mistake several years ago when she had an affair with Brian, her sister, Angel’s, then-boyfriend and father of their two children, and became pregnant. But she says she and Brian are now happily married — with two children and... (more) another on the way — and she believes Angel needs to let go of her anger once and for all for the sake of their family. Angel admits her relationship with Brian was rocky at the time, but she claims Amber took advantage by seducing Brian — and she feels Amber hasn’t properly apologized for what happened. Tension runs high when the sisters confront each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can Angel finally forgive her sister? And can the three adults learn to peacefully co-parent the kids who are caught in the middle? Then, Dr. Phil sits down with best friends Megan and Jenn who admit that their looks define who they are — but they’re still not confident. What’s driving their insecurities? Hear Dr. Phil’s advice to these women. Can they learn to boost their self-esteem from within?

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