Hundreds of Photos in a Box: Snapshots by an Admirer Who She Calls Her Stalker

Jul 13, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Alexandra, 33, claims her friend, William, 57, is obsessed with her and says he tells people they have been dating on and off for the past eight years — even though she insists she has made it clear she will never be interested in him romantically. S... (more)he claims William has stalked and harassed her — with up to 100 phone calls a day — and even carries around a box filled with hundreds of pictures of her. William says Alexandra “makes life worth living,” and he has said he hopes to marry her. Alexandra and William sit down for an emotional interview with Dr. Phil. How does Alexandra explain the photographs — including some that she admits may be too risqué to show on TV? And, why did she accept gifts from him on more than one occasion? Plus, Alexandra claims William once got physical in a fit of jealousy, because she was dating another man. Has William overstepped boundaries? Is Alexandra sending him mixed signals?