Uncovering a Catfish: The Battle Between Kaye & Kathy Continues

May 01, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Kaye, who says she has sent over $200,000 to her online boyfriend, “Aaron,” even though she has never met him in person. Kaye’s stepdaughter, Kathy, says she thinks Kaye is wasting her retirement money on a co... (more)n artist. Hear from Kathy’s daughter, Machelle, who sides with Kaye and says she doesn’t understand why Kathy is so obsessed with tracking down “Aaron.” Does Kathy have an ulterior motive? Plus, who is “Aaron?” Dr. Phil digs deep in search of answers -- tune in to see the results of the investigation! Is Kaye being scammed?

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