Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident?

Apr 27, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Brenda and Josh say for the past year, they have been fighting to reunite their family, after they say Josh was unfairly convicted of second-degree child abuse. In March 2014, they say the couple’s 11-week-old daughter, Naomi, fell off Josh’s lap in ... (more)what he says was an accident. A short time later, Naomi became very ill and was in and out of the hospital, where tests revealed bleeding in her brain and eyes. Brenda and Josh say they were shocked when a doctor accused them of abuse, setting in motion an ordeal that saw Naomi taken from them and Josh sentenced to 12 months in prison. Brenda, who was cleared of any wrongdoing, got Naomi back and says she went into hiding out of fear her daughter would be taken again. Now, she’s ready to tell her story to Dr. Phil — along with Josh, who appears via satellite from prison. What happened to Naomi? How do Brenda and Josh explain the baby’s injuries? Plus, hear why Brenda says she believes CPS has been out to get her family. And, will Josh ever get to see Naomi again? Dr. Phil weighs in — what does he think about Josh being in prison?

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