“My Husband Makes Me Think I'm Crazy, Then Videotapes Me:” Accusations of Abuse Caught on Camera

Apr 13, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Anthony, 26, and Melinda, 25, say their year-and-a-half marriage is on the brink, and they need help for the sake of their children. Melinda claims Anthony is controlling and abusive, uses drugs and spoils his 4-year-old daughter from a previous rela... (more)tionship. She says she worries about his 15-month-old child with her. After one recent explosive fight, in which Melinda says that Anthony refused to hand over their child, she moved six hours away and filed for divorce. Anthony admits he has been physically abusive with Melinda but claims she has attacked him as well, and he says he has the video to prove that her anger is out of control. With one child together and another on the way, can this couple learn to peacefully co-parent for the sake of all the kids? Also, Anthony’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child makes an impassioned plea to Melinda. Will it make an impact?