A Beautiful Teen Forced to Live a Horrible Nightmare: “I Was Held Captive by an Online 'Friend'”

Apr 10, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Hope, 17, says three years ago, after an argument with her family, she posted a mean message about her mother online — and her life took a dramatic turn, when a woman responded and said Hope could stay with her. After accepting the offer, Hope says s... (more)he never could have anticipated what happened next: Hope says she was drugged, beaten and forced into sex slavery for three horrific weeks before finally being rescued — an ordeal she says still haunts her. Hope says her mother, Desiree, lacks sympathy and wants her to just get over the past. Emotions run high when this mother and daughter sit down with Dr. Phil. Desiree insists she, too, was a victim in all this, but she has managed to keep moving forward. She says she loves Hope and has done her best to support her, including financially, but she can’t anymore — especially when she says Hope continues to make mistakes. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s candid advice for Desiree — will it have an impact? Is there any chance for mending this relationship? And, how can Hope finally begin to heal?