“I've Divorced My Ex Twice, but I'm Still in Love”

Apr 08, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Gwen says she has married and divorced Derrick twice -- but she would take a third trip down the aisle if he would just get some help and fess up to his mistakes. Gwen claims that while married, Derrick hit her, stole from her, disappeared for months... (more) at a time and missed the birth of their child, among other offenses. What does she say she found on his phone that she calls deeply disturbing? And, why would she still consider giving him another chance? Derrick says Gwen is a “vindictive, sadistic succubus” who is out to ruin his life -- but if she could stop being that way, he’d love to be a family again. Concerned for the children caught in the middle of the dysfunction, Dr. Phil combs through the accusations from each side. Does this couple have a future together as spouses -- or as co-parents only?

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