“Is Our Son a Kleptomaniac?”

Apr 07, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Nancy and Mark say their 18-year-old son, Chris, has been a thief and a liar for most of his life, and after taking him to dozens of doctors and holding him accountable for his actions, nothing has helped. They say Chris regularly steals items such a... (more)s DVDs, candy, watches and money — from department stores, family and neighbors — and shows no remorse for his actions. Chris admits he gets a rush from stealing and says it’s bound to happen if he’s left alone. Does he have any desire to change? Chris’ 21-year-old sister, Meredith, says she resents having to “babysit” her brother and put her life on hold just to keep him on track. Dr. Phil brings the family together in search of answers and a resolution. Is Chris a kleptomaniac, like Nancy and Mark fear? What’s at the root of his behavior? And, how can Chris regain his family’s trust and take control of his life?